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Estetik International Health Group provides high quality and VIP service to individual aesthetic needs with its clinical and medical centers located in Istanbul, Bursa. Smart clinic, d infrastructure, service offered within well-equipped


Estetik International Bursa! Now in New Place! Esetik International Bursa is one of the most comprehensive aesthetic health center in the sector in terms of personalized patient experience and individual care! The center, which serves in a 7-storey area within a campus of 3500 square meters, attracts attention with its plastic surgery, medical treatments, hair transplantation unit, aesthetic dentistry, dietetic unit and new departments. In this facility, which has 3 operating rooms, 12 patient rooms with experienced specialists in the country. The International Patient Department also provides services in different languages ​​with its health tourism infrastructure and professional employees. Estetik International Bursa, which aims to keep superior customer satisfaction in the first place while providing high quality medical care to its visitors in a warm, VIP service and hospitable environment, continues its 20 years of experience in its new place.



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