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Bursa (Zafer Plaza)

Our Estetik International Bursa Zafer Plaza clinic hosts our guests in Bursa and came from the cities around it with its sub structure equipped with innovations in the medical aesthetical field and professional service comprehension through its campus in the city centre. The comprehension serving completely depending on the patient’s ethical rules by following all developments worldwide closely lies behind its basic principle.


The location of Bursa Zafer Plaza clinic in the Shopping Centre enables our guests save time by allowing them transport easily and do shopping. Our Zafer Plaza Clinic presents a favoured service through 10 a.m. and 22 p.m in company with the panoramic scene of Bursa. One of the prominent applications of Estetik International Zafer Plaza clinic is laser epilation which professionally and actively ensures the definite solutions and high pleasures of patients with the successful applications in conformity with every hair root and skin’s colour through Alexandreite, Diod and Ndyag apparatuses in the short time. The applications such as Botox, filling, Spider Web Aesthetic, ultra therapy, face and hair meso therapies, PRP, FMTS, skin care and masks, acne cure, the slimming units such as carboxy and ESWT, solarium, ozone sauna, Hellus and Lotus fractional laser, tattoo elimination, taking out of nevus, congenital spots, cut sign, scar tissues, skin renewal elimination of spots.

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