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Breast Lifting

Breast sagging that occurs with age, weight gaining, loss or pregnancy. These situations may cause aesthetic problems and a lack of self-confidence. Breast lifting surgery is intended to correct sagging and providing a better position and firmness. Sagging can be fixed also by an incisionless method of skin tightening, The Spider Web Aesthetics.  In the Spider Web Aesthetics, absorbable medical sutures are placed via very fine needles under the skin triggering the body itself to produce collagen and cell regeneration. The cell regeneration and collagen production results with tightening and regeneration of skin. The Spider Web Technique can also be combined with implants and autologous stem cell enriched fat transfer.


Why should I have a mammoplasty operation?

If you have sagged breasts and you are not happy for this situation; you can be a good candidate for a breast lifting operation. Breast sagging is an indicator of aging in women.  Women always seek for firmer, perpendicular and well-shaped breasts. Breast lifting operations are mainly designed to give a younger and better look to breasts.


Preparation :

“Breast lifting” operations are performed under general anesthesia and it takes to perform the procedure nearly 1 to 1.5 hours when it is performed by a team of plastic surgeons. It is really important to decrease the operation duration to give less anesthesia to the patient yielding a better post-operative period to the patient. You will be advised not to eat 6 hours before the surgery and that is all! You will get a physical examination by your surgeon and anesthetist. After the examination; we will prepare you for the surgery. You will receive a sedation in order to reduce the preoperative anxiety and fell yourself more comfortable.


Variations :

If you don’t have too much sagged breasts and your skin is still firm then you can get benefit from incisionless breast lifting with Spider Web Aesthetics. In this method we place absorbable sutures inside the skin of the breasts. These absorbable sutures helps the skin tissue to produce collagen in time therefore breasts get their firmness and elasticity back again. This method can be combined with fat transfer in order to support the bottom of the breast to create a lifting effect. By combining these two methods you can get firmer and natural breasts without any incision or skin removal.  However if the sagging is too much you have to receive a surgical intervention which includes skin removal. For a better understanding it is better to have a physical examination. Our doctors are available for free online consultation.


Recovery and Results :

You are going to see the difference just after the procedure. However it is necessary to wait for some time in order to see the final result. After the breast lifting operation, the recovery period depends on your physical status, age, general health and condition mainly. The operation itself does not take too long therefore you receive a mild anesthesia. Since the anesthesia that you receive is mild; you will not have problems associated with anesthetic agents after the operation. This is especially important and can be achieved with only a team of plastic surgeons like we have. After the operation you will be advised to wear a corset in order to reduce the edema. You can start to do your daily activities just after the operations but we do not advise you heavy lifting, running or activities that require excess physical activity. The more you rest, the faster your recovery will be.


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