Brazilian Butt Lift

Butt aesthetic is a form of butt lift and augmentation operation that provides a younger, natural and reformed look for the hips. Our patients who do not like the look of their hips can have butt aesthetic regardless of the size, shape or sagging skin.

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How Brazillian But Lift is performed?

In butt aesthetic, patient’s own fat is used to shape the hips As the fat is from the patient, results are completely natural and it won’t be understood that those flawless hips are operation results. If the patient lack sufficient fat to be transferred, filling materials can be used as well.

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), also known as Brazilian Butt Aesthetic, is preferred for people who wants to have younger looking, distinct hips and a correct body profile. Your own fat is used in this surgical procedure and this is the most natural way to augment your hips.
In Brazilian Butt Aesthetic, we transfer the fat collected from your regional fat depositions in the purest and most suitable fat-stem cell composition possible. This helps to achieve the longest lasting result. This procedure, which also collect fat extraction with liposuction, involves enrichment of extracted fat with stem cells. Fat extraction is performed with liposuction. And centrifuge devices are used to enrich the fat with stem cells. The last step is the re-injection of the fat into the hips. The procedure is designed to fill the upper quadrant of your hips; this lifts the butt and makes it more prominent. Resulting effect makes your profile more attractive.

To go in detail, first, we open 1 mm holes on certain areas of your body and extract the fat by using 3 mm thin cannulas. Small cannula holes let us collect even the smallest fat pieces. Fat collected with liposuction is centrifuged and enriched in terms of stem cells; fat collected from these regions are carefully processed. Only a portion of the collected donor fat will be eligible for injection to hips. In most cases, more than 33% of the extracted fat will be suitable for re-injection. Therefore, transfer with stem cells increases the permanence of the procedure. Only the best donor fat cells are re-injected to your hips. We try to extract fat from at least two, preferably three, parts of your body for sufficient and proper fat collection.


In butt aesthetic, regional fat depositions around different parts of the body (generally from abdominal area) are collected and transferred to the hips. Application of special “Cihantimur Fat Transfer” method to prevent cells from being damaged during transfer and guarantee their permanence is one of the most important steps. Operation is performed under the specified anesthesia type and takes about 1.5-2 hours. You will be informed to stop eating and drinking 6 hours before the operation. This is the only thing you have to do!


If you have fat deposition problem in another part of your body, collection of that fat is another advantage for you to have a better look. Breast augmentation, breast lift and abdominal lift are the operations that can be combined with butt lift for a thinner and tighter look. Removal of the fat around the waist will also provide a more curved proportion. If necessary, this operation can also be performed in combination with butt aesthetic.

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Why you should have butt aesthetic?

Everybody who complains about the look, position, volume and tightness of their hips, who has uneven fat distribution in the hip area due to frequent weight gain or loss, and women who are uncomfortable with the look of their hips after childbirth are good candidates for butt aesthetic. You don’t have to live with an undesired shape and volume. Do not forget that this problem has a natural-looking, simple and effective solution! This is the most advanced method used for fat transfer to butt. This method provides a very soft and natural look. At the same time, as the transferred fat is patient’s own tissue, there is no risk of rejection.



 Tight and natural result
 Refreshed look and healthy skin tissue
 Fast recovery
 Elimination of regional fat deposition
 Balanced waist and hip curve


Why"Estetik International”Health Group?

The physicians and staff are experts in the field of aesthetic surgery field, especially under the guidance and direction of renowned surgeon, Dr. Bülent Cihantimur,The professional health personnel and employees make up a comprehensive and knowledgeable team of 150 people skills in the aesthetic surgery field,

New, effective and useful procedures supported by the research and development work of the Estetik International team, Innovative, modern and inquisitive sub-structure, Latest technological devices used in surgery, Sensitive policies caring especially for the patient’s pleasure and confidence, Safe sterilized and modern campuses,

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Healing and Results

The recovery period after butt lift depends on your age, your health status, physical condition and environmental factors.
Procedure does not involve any sutures. It is performed through micro entries. You do not have to wear bandages. You can get back to your social life immediately after the operation, however, we recommend you to avoid lifting heavy weights, not to run and do not involve in activities requiring physical power for the first week after the operation. The more you rest, the faster your recovery will be.

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Brazilian Butt Lift, one of the most modern procedures, involves collection of fat from wide areas and its transfer to your hips. This provides a flatter stomach, thinner waist and a more formed butt.

Many patients think that they should age a bit for this application. Actually, it is not necessary. Every people from all ages can have this procedure.
 Patient Gender
Typically, female patients have softer and less fibrous fat than men. However, men can consider having butt aesthetic as much as women.


It is because only your own fat is used.

Prices for all procedures will vary depending on the size of the body and the operation site. The best way to learn about prices would be to contact us and request a free examination.

The recovery period for Brazilian Butt aesthetic is 1 week on average. It is important not to apply any pressure to your new butt for three weeks. We recommend a special pillow to sit on to in order to protect the injected fat.
You can take a shower after 48 hours. Most of patients do not have any pain
You can also get back to exercise within three weeks.


Processing the donor fat and enriching it in terms of stem cells provides permanence for its injection into hips because stem cells continue to live in their transfer location and they enable vascularization.

As part of this procedure, we perform fat injection and attempt to reform the appearance of the hips; therefore it provides cellulite treatment at the same time.

Yes. In most of the cases, our patients want to reshape different parts of their bodies to reach their desired look. They may feel excess amount of fat in their abdominal area. For these patients, we can say that Brazilian Butt aesthetic is a perfect option. Fat can be collected from abdomen, thigh and back of the patients and a hourglass form can be given to whole body. And collected fat can be transferred to the butt after processing.

This changes from person to person. It depends on how large and prominent hips are desired.