Wound and Burn Transplant

Patients are psychologically relieved and gain a natural look through Hair Transplant to the scar tissue in haired areas.

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It is impossible to remove the scar at the site however they can be completely covered with follicle transfer. General approach to burn scars is the same with wound scars. Status of the skin and the circulation at that area are checked and burn scars are closed by applyıng necessary procedure. Removal of burn and wound scars, which are located in head, eyebrow, mustache and beard that can affect the appearance of the person, through hair transplantation will reinstate the self-confidence and will not draw the attention of other people during one-on-one communication.

How does transplantation performed for wound and burn scars?

Similar to Hair Transplant, healthy hair follicles are transferred to the problematic area. One thing to pay attention here is the necessity of utilizing a rejuvenation treatment such as stem cell, PRP or Organic Hair injection in order to revitalize the area.

After the procedure

You can get rid of this problem that affect your appearance with Fue method used in Hair Transplant  just by devoting a few hours of your time. You have a comfortable operation process under local anesthesia and you can get back to your social life within a few days.

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After beard transplantation

There are 3000 follicles in average during a beard transplantation and 600 follicles in sideburn transplantation. There will be no scars left after beard and sideburn transplantation. You will completely effective results if you follow the suggestions and rules of your doctor. First blood clot traces will go away after the first face washing 24 hours later. Transplantation area remains pinkish for two weeks and then will have its normal appearance again.


If you are having problems with hair growth due to wound scar or burnt tissue on your scalp and this situation causes self-confidence problems for you, you can easily undergo this procedure.

No, the procedure is performed with ease.

This depends on the size of your wound and burn scar. It based on whether it is a large or small area.

Your scars won’t be closed but as hair grows, they will become invisible.