The collaboration between Estetik International & Habit

The collaboration between Estetik International & Habit

With the motto of “Don’t diet in short term, change your eating habits”, Habit is a healthy, alkaline and anti-inflammatory food and snacks brand, and now available at Estetik International Quasar. Opened in Estetik International Quasar campus, Habit Café will be offering flour, sugar and gluten free sweet and savoury snacks, healthy salads, freshly roasted 3rd wave coffee and the bulletproof coffee which will ensure you start the day with full of energy, cold press vegetable juice options, and many more healthy meals and snacks.


The Habit Meal Kits aim for you to achieve your ideal weight and gain a new eating habit which will easily continue for a lifetime. Gut flora, immune system, low glycaemic index are Habit’s primary concerns. Unprocessed, full of fibre, completely natural meal kits which also don’t raise blood glucose levels will be delivered to your door on a daily basis. You will see a noticeable decline on your appetite and cravings for sweet, but increase in your energy levels after three weeks. Habit calculates nutrition instead calories, thus aiming to feed the cells. Vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, fibres, enzymes, phytochemicals are carefully calculated for each bite. Offering various meal kits like standard fat burner kit, alkali ketogenic kit, athletic kit, Habit will complete your treatment with its expert nutritionists at Estetik International and make you feel better altogether.


Everything in Habit is built on keeping your blood sugar levels in minimum and not to cause inflammation in your body. Therefore, Habit offers completely natural and homemade snacks which are flour, sugar, gluten free and have low glycaemic index. The crackers, cakes and famous chocolate cheesecakes are especially delicious.


In order to change your eating habit, you can also get consultancy instead of getting daily meal kits. You can gain a new eating habit to keep you healthy and fit with Habit’s scrumptious recipes under the online guidance of dieticians in Turkey and abroad.

Habit offers completely natural and homemade snacks which are flour, sugar, gluten free and have low glycaemic index.

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