Stem Cell Banking

Within the scope of GENKORD cell banking, Estetik International provides custodian services depending on the wishes of our patients for the use of cells in future years.

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Keeping your stem cells helps you catch the opportunities of this life resource, which have real potential for therapeutic, regenerative or cosmetic use.

As a result of world-wide research, we predict that we have a revolution in cellular therapies and that future will be built on stem cell technology. Stem cells use the power of the body's own repair and maintenance mechanisms.

Stem cells are an attractive and realistic choice for many regenerative medicine applications due its easy isolation and expansion potential.
Do you want to store the stem cells, which taken from different regions, reproduced for use in different diseases and antiaging treatments?

Specific solutions are added to the reproduced cells and these cells are stored in a liquid nitrogen tank at -196 ° C, so they can remain intact for many years. On the day of administration, these cells are thawed and are make ready for intervention.

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