Наши клиники

Группа клиник Estetik International предоставляет сервис высокого уровня и VIP сервис для каждого пациента в "умных" и высоко-технологически оборудованных клиниках группы, расположенных в Стамбуле, Бурсе

İstanbul Quasar

Our Quasar branch in Mecidiyeköy district of Istanbul, serves at the superior level with its full equipped medical substructure and professionals expert at their subjects. Quasar assists in subjects of the aesthetical surgery and medical applications to our cross-border patients came through the health tourism and throughout Turkey. We effort for the happiness of our guests with over 50 employees of us in our Byomed Branch in Istanbul, serving with the conscious that it is a living right and the most basic humanistic right for our patients to feel good physically, spiritually and socially as the most basic right.


The services given in Quasar clinic, where the research and development studies are made and the new technologies are developed particularly upon rejuvenation without any operation: All aesthetical surgical operations and medical applications, hair transplantation, Organic Hair Transplantation, Spider Web Aesthetic, hair shedding and scalp’s treatments, laser treatments and laser epilation, ozone therapy, face rejuvenation, our last techniques, diet and healthy feeding, all techniques without any operations slimming and cellulite treatments.


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