Penis Thickening

Until today, many different techniques and filling materials have been used for penis thickening. Some of the techniques applied or the materials used were not permanent and some of them caused defects in the penis. For this reason, "Fat Transfer" and "Allograft" methods, which are accepted by the current literature, are applied in our clinic. In addition, penis thickening and penis lengthening can be performed together without any problems during the surgical procedure.

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* Allograft; It is the process of thickening the penis using Human Originated Acellular Dermis. A surgical technique developed by our clinic is used. A dermal graft is placed on the penile shaft through a suprapubic 3 cm incision. The Allograft used is a safe, biocompatible, human based product. Graft, with its natural collagen and elastin preserved skin texture, is non-antigenic. The most important feature is that it is not absorbed and does not cause penile deformities seen in other filling materials. The application and healing process is similar to other filling materials.

* Fat Transfer; It is among the most used methods for penis thickening. With the same procedure, both penis thickening (circumferential) and penis enlargement (lengthening) can be achieved. The application is made by taking the regional oil, processing it and transferring it to the penis area. Fat is often removed from the abdomen or thigh by liposuction. The fat is then centrifuged, filtered so that the fat cells are isolated and freed from other unnecessary ingredients. Fat is then injected around the shaft of the penis using special injection techniques to ensure the survival of the fat. Since fat transfer cells are obtained from the patient's own body, there is no risk of allergic reactions. It is a repeatable application.


No, in this application, parts of the penis related to erection and urinary tract are completely protected. Neither deformity nor an erection problem is experienced in the long term after the procedure.


No. No enlargement is made to the glans region, which is the head of the penis.


You can return to your sex life after 3 weeks.


No your partner can't understand


Fat transfer is a permanent treatment between 20% and 30%. It can be repeated later. 


It is a permanent treatment because it is a material that does not harm the body and is not absorbed. 


You can masturbate after 3 weeks.


No, it is not a painful treatment.