Penis Enlargement

Penis enlargement is a surgical intervention aimed at improving the functionality or aesthetic appearance of the organ.

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There have been numerous surveys about the size of the penis to date, and the majority of women responded that penis size is not that important. But men are extremely concerned about size and underline that when they stay naked, they feel inadequate with their penises that are not thick or long enough.

Recently published polls of different nationalities and races about penis size have sparked many jokes and controversies on social media and on the internet. All of this is obvious in men, possibly imposing the idea that their penises should be bigger, longer, or both. As a result of all these, many creams, injections and mechanical devices are sold on the market today. This is extremely sad because most of these mechanisms are either fake, ineffective, or extremely dangerous for the body. As a result of advances in medical science, penile aesthetics offers different treatment options to increase the size of the penis.

Penis Enlargement

When we look at the normal anatomical structure of the penis, we observe that approximately one third of it is in the body. The basis of penis lengthening surgeries is based on the sticking out of this inner part. In this surgery, the integrity of the penis is not broken, what is actually done is to advance the existing surrounding tissue to the base and reveal the penis. In this operation, which can be called as penis enlargement or penis lengthening, the suspensory bond of the penis is cut and retropubic fats are removed with liposuction application. The aim here is to take out the hardened penis tissue from inside the body.

There are many factors that make the penis erect. The suspensory ligament only ensures that the penis is at the average and level of the pelvis. When enough suspensory ligament cuts are made in penis lengthening surgery, the penis lengthens as it relaxes, but does not have any problems related to falling. In penis lengthening surgery, we cut 80% of the suspensory ligament. With this up-to-date technique, without breaking the connection of the penis to the pelvis, providing enough attachment, we ensure that the patients do not lose the ability to manage the penis during sexual intercourse. In the same way, there is no problem in the erection time. After penile lengthening surgery, an elongation of 2 to 3 cm occurs in the penis. The penis lengthening surgery, which is a permanent operation, cannot be repeated.


Yes, penis lengthening operation is permanent.


No, you don't. The operation does not affect the erection mechanism.


Recovery is recorded within an average of 3 weeks. 


After 3 weeks, after getting approval from your doctor, you can have sexual relationship.


No, you can urinate after the operation without any problem. 


In the same way, after 3 weeks, after getting approval from your doctor, you can have sexual relationship.


No, it is not evident after your healing process is completed.


You can return to work life after two weeks.


You can take a long travelling after a week.