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P-shot is a procedure designed to inject a patient's stem cells back to them in men experiencing sexual performance loss caused by prostate growth, prostate cancer, age, side effects of various drugs and treatments  and has no side effects.
PShot is reliable
P-Shot application does not have any risk of allergic reactions because the patient's own stem cell is used.
P-Shot is effective
The effect of P-Shot is long-lasting and permanent because of the fact that vascular stem cells and growth factors are obtained.
P-Shot is fast
P-Shot is fast and does not required surgery.
P-Shot is natural
No foreign substance is given to your body in P-Shot. Patient's own stem cells and growth factors are separated and injected to the patient.
Benefits of P-Shot
•  Increase in penis size
•  Increase in sexual pleasure
•  Reduce in premature ejaculation problems
•  Improved sexual abilities
•  Increased penile stiffness and erection capacity

P-Shot process

Blood of bone marrow and 30 mL of peripheral blood is taken from patients. After a 20 min process, platelet rich plasma and stem cells, which containing growth factors, are prepared. Before the application, the penis area is anesthetized by a special cream with anesthetic effect, so that the patient will not feel pain or discomfort during the procedure. A small needle is used to inject P-Shot into certain points of the penis skin and into the penis.

Growth factors in P-Shot application

PDGF; Increases vascular endothelial cell growth, new capillary vessel formation and the fibroblast count
TGF; increases collagen formation and induces extracellular matrix formation.
EGFR; Related with chemotaxis and increases collagen formation.
VEGF; increases vascular endothelial cells, new vascular formation, and vascular permeability.
IGF: Induces vascular endothelial cells. Increases the formation of new blood vessels and new tissue cell.

How does P-Shot act?

•    New vessel formation
•    New cell and tissue formation
•    Increased blood circulation
•    Increase in blood flow to the penis