Organic Hair Transplantation was the Subject of Esthetic Medical Conference

Organic Hair Transplantation was the Subject of Esthetic Medical Conference

As an important symposium conference on organ transplant, regenerative esthetic medicine, innovative medicine and information technologies, Organ Transplant and Regenerative Medicine was in the Kiev, capital of Ukraine this year on July 3-4. Sixteen famous experts came from around the world to speak on their specialized subjects and two of them were from our country.


Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Specialist Op. Bülent Cihantimur, MD spoke about the Organic Hair transplantation he developed while Prof. Ömer Özkan, MD presented the transplantation subject as the first person who conducted the face transplantation.


Using the stem cell technology gained from the patient’s own fat, Organic Hair transplantation was a great point of interest in the conference. Other subjects included preventing and intervening aging and degenerative illness processes as medical technologies from all corners of the world were debated in the conference.

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