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  What is O-Shot?

O-shot is a procedure designed to inject a patient's stem cells back to region of vagina in women, which experiencing problem of sexual pleasure, orgasmic function and urinary incontinence, and has no side effects.
With the O-shot around the clitoris, the connective tissue around the clitoris is increasing, so sexual pleasure and sensitivity become more intense
O-Shot is reliable
O-Shot application does not have any risk of allergic reactions or transmission because the patient's own stem cell is used.
P-Shot is effective
The effect of O-Shot is long-lasting because of the fact that stem cells growth factors are obtained.
O-Shot is fast
     O-Shot is fast and does not required surgery.

O-Shot is natural

No foreign substance is given to your body in P-Shot. Patient's own stem cells and growth factors are separated and injected to the patient.

O-Shot process

30ml of peripheral blood is collected from the patient. After a 20 min process, platelet rich plasma and stem cells, which containing growth factors, are prepared. Before the application, vaginal area is anesthetized by a special cream with anesthetic effect, so that the patient will not feel pain or discomfort during the procedure. A small needle is used to inject O-Shot into vagina.

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Stem Shot

In P/O Shot procedures, patient’s blood is taken and growth factors acts. In P/O Stem Shot interventions, we take patient’s stem cells and among them, vein-forming stem cells, that have effect on development and growth of the main structure of the penis and clitoris, are transferred to patient. Therefore effect is direct, not indirect.
It is a more complicated and effective application developed as an alternative to P-Shot and O-Shot. Instead of taking the patient's blood, the patient's bone marrow is aspirated. Hematopoietic and mesenchymal stem cells, which reaching the number of millions in the laboratory environment, are injected into the penis or vagina. While mesenchymal stem cells form connective tissue, hematopoietic stem cells provide vascular formation.

Stem shot process

Bone marrow aspiration is performed on the patient. Bone marrow and 3 tubes of patient blood are put in the transfer kit. Our staff delivers kit to laboratory in in cold chain (+ 4 ° C). Stem cells isolated from bone marrow are cultured. Stem cells are amplified by adding appropriate media at 37 ° C in an incubator. Hematopoietic stem cells are given to the patient 3 days later. After 1.5 months, mesenchymal stem cells are given after quality control tests. After 1 month, remaining mesenchymal stem cells are transferred to patient.

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