Fat Transfer

Fat transfer is the most studied surgical aesthetic intervention for the past decade and it is considered to be the most promising application of the future. . .

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What is Cihantimur fat transfer?

Op. Dr. Bulent Cihantimur developed this method known as Cihantimur Fat Transfer System in the medical literature and quoted in many academic articles as a result of his studies on fat In Cihantimur Fat Transfer, the fat received from the patient's body are injected into the other area is needed. The difference from conventional fat transfer applications is that the collected lipids are stored in a closed lipocide system, preventing the contact of collected fat with the air.

Advantages of Cihantimur Fat Transfer:

•    High amounts of fat can be collected
•    Collected fat tissues are more likely to bind to the transfer site and remain vital.
•    Infection risk is minimal
•    Brings all the advantages of stem cells to the transfer site.

Areas of Use for Cihantimur Fat Transfer

•    Lip augmentation
•    Breast augmentation
•    Butt augmentation and butt remodeling
•    Filling the wrinkles, deep acne scars etc in the face
•    Facelift
•    Genital Beautification - vagina tightening
•    Correction of hollows present or formed after liposuction
•    Filling the upper hand skin
•    Knock-knee correction
•    Hair transplantation

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How fat transfer is performed?

A flawless filling can be performed with fat cells? Instead of using artificial and synthetic fillings, the use of a fat filling suitable with the tissue which is taken from the patient's own body, gives the patient an advantage in every respect. However, in today's classic fat transfer applications, during the absorption of fat, the adaptation of the transferred fat cells into the climate conditions is not considered.

Collected fat cells are deprived of oxygen and most of the stem cells become inactive. The closed system used in Cihantimur Fat Transfer method ensures the vitality of stem cells and enables collection of more fat. This ensures that the cells remain alive and adhere on to the transferred area immediately.


Essentially, fat transfer is the transfer of unwanted regional fat to a necessary body part.

Cihantimur Fat transfer involves collection of fat from the patient and preparation of collected fat for transfer by processing it to enrich it in terms of stem cells and to remove unnecessary water and similar content.

Instead of achieving desired augmentation by placing any foreign body, it is much more advantageous to use patient’s own natural tissue. Therefore, fat transfer is a significantly more effective application.

Stem cell is a miracle that continues to live where it is injected and that gives youthfulness and rejuvenation to the area. Its ability to accelerate wound healing is an added advantage.

We collect fat from regional fat deposition areas. Abdominal fat of men and hip line fat of women are especially efficient and enables us to achieve permanent results. Special devices developed for Cihantimur Fat Transfer process the fat collected via liposculpture method and prepares it for injection.

No, procedure is conducted through micro entries with a maximum width of 1-2 cm.

Everybody who wants procedure by using their own tissue instead of any foreign body can prefer.

It can be used in many procedures such as Organic Hair Transplantation, Brazilian Butt aesthetic, Breast Beautification, Knock-Knee aesthetic, Lip filling.

Cihantimur Fat Transfer has a permanence that age together with you.

Conducted studies revealed no side effects for the body. In addition, used ingredient is the own tissue of the patient.