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Dt. Derya Sağıroğlu

Dt. Derya SağıroğluDt. Derya Sağıroğlu


Primary school/ year: Uğur College - 2004
High school/ year: Milli Eğitim Vakfı Private High school (MEV) - 2008
Yeditepe University Chemical Engineering 2009-2012
University of Debrecen, Dentistry Faculty 2012-2013
Yeditepe University Dentistry Faculty  2013- 2018
Yeditepe University Dentistry Faculty  Prosthetic Dentistry (PHD) 2018-2022

55. European Dentistry Students’ Association (EDSA), İstanbul ( SANİTAS Partnership Task Leader) 2014-2015 
Yeditepe University Dental Students Association (YUDSA) Social Responsibilities Coordinator.  2015-2016
Yeditepe University Dental Students Association (YUDSA) Social Responsibilities Coordinator 2016– 2017
Yeditepe University Dentistry Faculty Dental Students Association (YUDSA) President  2017 – 2018
Projects/ Coordinators
Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey(TEGV) Gülensu Primary
School-Dental Hygen Education Yeditepe Dentistry Faculty - Social Responsibility  Coordinator.   2016
Uğur College Primary School Dental Hygen Education Yeditepe University Dentistry Faculty - Social Responsibility Coordinator  2017
Gülensu Primary School Dental Hygen Education Yeditepe University Dentistry Faculty - Social Responsibility Coordinator  2017
Küçükyali Orphanage Dental Hygen Education Yeditepe University Dentistry Faculty - Social Responsibility Coordinator  2017
Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey(TEGV) Dental Hygen Education Yeditepe University Dentistry Faculty - President 2016

ACTA Academsich Centrum Tandheelkunde Amsterdam, Netherlands Observation of Prosthetic Dentistry 2016
Universitat De Barcelona, Spain 23rd International Association of Dental Students (IADS) ANEO Congress Student Observation Program 2016
Karolinska Institute, Swedish European Visiting Program 2017
University of Zagreb, Croatian Student Observation Program (European Visiting Program) 2018

Training & Certificates
Prof. Dr. Lamina Veneers and Smile Design Course with Erhan Çömlekoğlu
Aesthetic Restoration of Anterior Fractures Practice Course with Engin Taviloğlu
Curaprox iTOP (Individual Education Based Oral Prophylaxis Consulting)
Güney Dental CEREC Usage Certificate
Kerr Certification of Twisted File Use in Endodontics and Restoration with Sonic File
Laser Applications Certificate in Dentistry (South Tooth)
Turkish Education Volunteers Foundation Volunteering Certificate
UNESCO's South-EAtern Mediterranean Environmental Project (SEMEP) Scientific Project Participation Certificate
Prof. Dr. Occlusion and TMJ irregularities Course with Erhan Çömlekoğlu
Prof. Dr. Erhan Çömlekoğlu and Prof. Dr. Implant Applications in the Aesthetic Zone with Selçuk Basa, implant placement, loading and timing ion criteria: clinical protocols to prevent complications.
Dr. Smile Design Methods with Stefan Koubi: Methodical Approaches for a Predictable and Repeatable Treatment, From Aesthetics to Functions, From Tooth to Implant Seminar

Aesthetics, Plastic and Reconstructive SurgeonMehmet Alkan MD
Dt. Derya Sağıroğlu
Anesthesiology and Reanimation SpecialistEzgi Denizci MD
Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialistİrfan Tarhan MD
DieticianE. Çağrı Kaleli
GETAT Birim DoktoruMetin Tekcan MD
Medical Aesthetic PhysicianMerve Oflaz MD
Aesthetics, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Hair Transplant SpecialistAlaaddin Karabacak MD
Anesthesiology and Reanimastion SpecialistDr. Murat Çimencan
Aesthetics, Plastic and Reconstructive SurgeonMurat Kaan Sözer MD
Coordinator of Hair Transplantation and Treatment DepartmentMuhammed Haluk HatipoğluM.Haluk Hatipoğlu was born in Diyarbakır in 1984. He completed his primary and secondary education in Diyarbakır. He graduated from İnönü University, Department of Health Services in 2004 and worked in the Department of Biochemistry, Clinical Microbiology and Medical Genetics. He started his business life with hair transplantation between 2010-2013. He is currently the Micropigmentation Authorized Partner of Scalp Aesthetics in Turkey and the Middle East.
Medical Aesthetic PhysicianGülden Gürel MD
Medical Aesthetic PhysicianGina Moret MD
Aesthetics, Plastic and Reconstructive SurgeonProf. Dr. Cenk ŞenKnown for his scientific work in re-constructive surgery, Estetik International surgeon Prof. Cenk Şen excels in the special field of revision rhinoplasty to a degree that played a great role in gaining his recognition. Prof. Şen is also a pioneer in lipodem,oral and neck surgery.
Aesthetics, Plastic and Reconstructive SurgeonBülent Cihantimur MDA graduate of Istanbul University Çapa Faculty of Medicine, Bülent Cihantimur, MD specialized in Plastic Surgery at Uludağ University. Through years of hard work and dedication, his techniques and skills earned him many awards in the past 20 years such as; The Golden Bistoury Award, The World’s Best Plastic Surgeon and Medical Man of the Year Award in 2014. Cihantimur continues his role as head physician and CEO of Estetik International Health Group.
Anesthesiology and Reanimation SpecialistAli Ekber Yürekli MDAfter graduating from Ondokuz Mayıs University Medical Faculty, Anesthesiologist Dr. Ali Ekber Yürekli completed his specialty training at Uludağ University, Department of Anesthesia and Reanimation.
Aesthetics, Plastic and Reconstructive SurgeonSelçuk Aytaç MDA graduate of Ankara University Medical Faculty, Board-certified surgeon Dr. Selçuk Aytaç completed his plastic surgery training at Uludağ University medical faculty.
Medical Aesthetic PhysicianÇağatay Güngörsün MDA graduate of Ataturk University Medical Faculty, Dr. Çağatay Güngörsün specializes in medical aesthetic applications such as fillers, botox and non-surgical aesthetic procedures.