Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction operations are performed in order to reduce the volume of the breast. In this operation we generally take an amount of skin tissue as well as breast tissue.

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What is breast reduction?

Breast reduction operations are surgical interventions performed for large breasts that cause both health and aesthetic concerns. Large breasts cause back pain, postural disorders, fatigue, skin issues under the breast due to sweating, skeletal system deformations and many other health problems. Large breasts also prevent women from wearing as they please due to a non-aesthetic look; this turns into loss of self-confidence and lead women to breast reduction operations. Breast reduction operations are applications they provide comfort for women who complain about their large breasts.

Breast lift and breast reduction

During preliminary interviews conducted with our patients that come to our clinics due breast deformation, it can be understood that desired form can be achieved by not only the breast reduction but also with breast lift operation. Therefore, which breast operation is most suitable for the patient can only be decided during examination.
As overly large breast form cause breasts to lose their ability to resist gravity, many patients suffer from postural disorder and experience numbness and loss of sense and strength in their arms. In line with all this data, breast reduction aesthetic provides both formation of beautiful breast structure and most importantly higher quality of life for patients that suffer from such condition.

Who can have breast reduction?

•     People with breasts larger than the reasonable ratio
•     Sagging problem in addition to large breasts
•     People who cannot wear as they please due to large breasts
•     People with skin issues, back, lower back and postural disorders
•     People with large breasts that prevent them from doing their physical activities
•     Wave-like appearance on the back due to bra
•     People who suffer from low self-confidence due to a non-aesthetic look
•     People with orthopedic problems like hand numbness, loss of sense and postural disorder

All these problems are part of candidates eligible for breast reduction operation. If you, too, consider breast reduction aesthetic for one or more mentioned problems, you can have breast reduction aesthetic that provide very effective and successful results and solve health problems within an aesthetically pleasing look.

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After breast reduction aesthetic

As size, symmetry and sagging degree of the breasts are different for each woman, techniques also vary. However, in Estetik International clinics, our priority is to provide the most comfortable recovery period for our patients. Personal breast reduction surgeries are among the applications that we receive the best feedback. Patients arm movements will be restricted for one or two days. Incision scars start to fade away within a few weeks. Immediately after the operation, great relief, reduced or even completely healed lower back and back pain and rapid elimination of other health problems are observed. An aesthetic and formed breast is achieved.  

How is breast reduction operation performed?

Breast reduction operation is performed under general anesthesia. Fat tissues inside the breast and excess skin around the breasts are removed. The enlarged areola is also reduced to size proportional to the final form. Sagging problem, which is one of the major problems for large breasts, is solved by combining the operation with breast lift procedure and sutures are used. Personal techniques are utilized to perform reduction in accordance with the size of the breast. Although sutures dependd on the technique used, generally inverse T shape is preferred and in sizes that gradually fades away and do not cause non-aesthetic problems for the patient.

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How much scar is left in breast reduction operations?

In breast reduction operations, where we aim for minimum scar and the most aesthetic look, the planning must be done with utmost attention and the patient must experience the healthiest and most beautiful result. Inverse T incision, which starts under the nipple and extends below the breast vertically, leaves scars that fade in time and almost completely invisible as they remain under the breast. However, as breast size of each patient is different, techniques and incision scar will also vary. No matter which technique is used, scar is one of the most issues that require the utmost attention and patients are provided with minimum scar and a comfortable recovery period.

Essentials of breast reduction operation

Breast reduction operations are always planned in consideration of aesthetic and health. Age, breast size, child expectancy and likelihood of breastfeeding of the patient must be taken into account during breast reduction. Before this 1-hour operation, breast size deemed suitable by the patient is the goal and minimum scar and the most comfortable recovery period are aimed. Fast and smooth recovery period after the operation will positively impact the patient’s psychology. Although there is a possibility that breast tissue may grow again due to weight gain, they will never be as large as pre-operative period and our patients maintain aesthetic breasts throughout their lives. In addition, breast reduction operations do not prevent patients from breastfeeding. Procedure targets not the milk glands but the excess fat. In breast reduction operations, utmost care is taken for numbness issue in repositioning or nipple. Maintenance of nipple’s sensation depends on not affecting the area from the amount of skin removed and the continuance of the blood circulation. Continuing sensation of the nipple is also very important for the stimulation of nipples in breastfeeding function. In addition, symmetry is indispensable for both breasts and nipples.

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Breast reduction operations are breast operations that bring the breasts that grow due to weight gain or pregnancy to normal sizes. Though often thought of as aesthetic concerns, breast reduction operations are also performed due to skin problems, back and neck pain, or bone deformation.

Breasts reaching a heavy weight, causes regional problems after a while and triggers pain. In addition, rashes and wounds that occur under the breast are among the complaints most frequently brought to our clinics for breast reduction surgery. Breast reduction surgery aims to provide an aesthetic appearance, eliminate health problems, and allow people to wear the clothes they want.

During breast reduction surgery, the internal glands and adipose tissues are reduced, excess skin is removed and, if necessary, the enlarged nipple is reduced.

Yes, one of the biggest problems of the big breasts, sagging breast, is corrected with the same operation, giving a more upright and rejuvenated form to the breasts.

Especially, the planning of reduction must be done very well, since the functional needs of the patient are taken into account primarily.

Breast reduction operations are performed under general anesthesia for an average of 1 hour.

It is done using the most appropriate technique in order to leave minimum scars on the patient and to avoid concessions from the aesthetic view. Incision shapes are decided depending on the breast tissue, age and breast volume of the patient; around the nipple, downward vertical incision from the nipple or inverse T incision is ed.

Breast tissue grows in connection with the patient's weight gain but nevertheless the breast does not reach its former dimensions. Women underline the fact that they are much happier in their private lives as well as in social life after breast reduction surgery.

You can breastfeed after breast reduction, but this is proportional to how many milk glands your doctor removed. If you are planning to become pregnant, it would be useful to talk to your doctor before surgery.