Aesthetic Surgery After Losing Weight

If you are among thousands of people who have lost extreme weight, we congratulate you. Yes, this is amazing, you are skinny now! You did it! The years you struggled and were unhappy with unsuccessful diets are over.

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Aesthetic surgery after losing weight

Perhaps you are had operation for stomach reduction for weight loss, or you have just succeeded in diet; in both cases it is obvious that you create a new body and a new life for yourself.
You have lost the weight now, but what happened to your skin? Sagging, loss of form and accompanying shape and aesthetic concerns create a new problem? Like we said, thousands of people suffer from such problems after weight loss, and fortunately, body shaping surgery helps to give your body a more natural look.
After weight loss, body shaping surgery performed different procedures for countless patient problems, and we shared the concerns of many of our patients with these surgical procedures and witnessed changes before and after. For this reason, we understand you and your concerns very well.

Who is suitable for body shaping surgery?

Individuals who have significant weight loss after bariatric surgery, diet, or pregnancy, and whose body has prominent sagging and excess skin can have body shaping surgery. Losing weight can be a process and a body and face that has undergone deformation as a result of this process can be discouraging. It is then necessary to include a body shaping surgery in the planning of weight loss and see it as an integral part of this process. Excessive and sagging skin can cause not only aesthetic worry but also health problems, possibly caused by skin infections. Post-weight loss aesthetic surgery is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to remove loose, excess skin structure from the body. Body shaping procedures, weight loss surgery, pregnancy or dieting and weight loss through exercise will help you achieve your desired result.

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Why should I have body shaping surgery?

Patients who prefer to lose weight with bariatric surgery will accept lifelong changes such as changes in eating habits or life style. In addition to these commitments, post-bariatric surgery aesthetic procedures can be considered as a way to remove excess skin that causes skin irritation from the body, because these are the elements that prevent patients from fully enjoying their new bodies. These surgeries which are applied to get rid of excess skin and sagging, contain various different surgical options. These procedures are designed to refine patients' bodies after weight loss surgery, correct distorted contour lines and help them enjoy daily activities.

Body shaping options after weight loss

After weight loss, we can separate the deformation points of the whole body into two parts as face and body. After weight loss, facial aesthetics and body shaping surgery differ from classical face and body surgeries. The most important difference is emptying the skin, that is, the skin texture that does not shrink as fat is removed, and this remains as excessive body part. For this reason, they should be examined as a separate procedure and the surgery should include differences.

Which applications are there in Face and Body shaping?

• According to research, it is known that there are problems with this sagging and skin which we mentioned in 4 of the 5 weight loss surgery patients. The most widespread areas are abdomen, breasts, arms, inner thighs, back, upper knees and face.
• Face and Body shaping procedures
• Face aesthetics
• Breast aesthetics
• Liposculpture
• Abdomen Lifting
• Arm aesthetics
• Leg aesthetics
• Buttocks aesthetics
• Back Aesthetics
• Body Contour options after weight loss
Depending on the amount of weight you lose and where your excess skin is, you can think of one or more of these things.

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