A concept that offers more than reduction of the labia minora

A concept that offers more than reduction of the labia minora

Genital beautification: a concept that offers more than reduction of the labia minora.
Op.Dr Bulent Cihantimur is a leader of female Cosmetic surgeries with acute attention to detail and great sensitivity and care He says Genital Beautification is a famale surgery, when we rejuvenate the Vagine and surounding area as rejuvenate the face.As we know with aging progress the skin gets softer and wrinkles appear, we can experiance the same process in the Vagina.

BACKGROUND:The interest and demand for female genital rejuvenation surgery are steadily increasing. This report presents a concept of genital beautification consisting of labia minora reduction, labia majora augmentation by autologous fat transplantation, labial brightening by laser, mons pubis reduction by liposuction, and vaginal tightening if desired.

METHODS: Genital beautification was performed for 124 patients between May 2009 and January 2012 and followed up for 1 year to obtain data about satisfaction with the surgery.

RESULTS: Of the 124 female patients included in the study, 118 (95.2 %) were happy and 4 (3.2 %) were very happy with their postoperative appearance. In terms of postoperative functionality, 84 patients (67.7 %) were happy and 40 (32.3 %) were very happy. Only 2 patients (1.6 %) were not satisfied with the aesthetic result of their genital beautification procedures, and 10 patients (8.1 %) experienced wound dehiscence.

CONCLUSION: The described technique of genital beautification combines different aesthetic female genital surgery techniques. Like other aesthetic surgeries, these procedures are designed for the subjective improvement of the appearance and feelings of the patients. The effects of the operation are functional and psychological. They offer the opportunity for sexual stimulation and satisfaction. The complication rate is low. Superior aesthetic results and patient satisfaction can be achieved by applying this technique.

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