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Simple Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, also known as nose job, is a surgical procedure to reshape and improve the function of the nose. The surgery includes reshaping the cartilage, bone and soft tissues in total. However every patient does not need all these interventions. Sometimes they just need a small touch like repositioning the nasal tip or removing the hump on the nose. In case of need for these small touches; the patient can get a great result with simple rhinoplasty technique

Most patients do not require a major rhinoplasty. Dropping nose, basic nasal humps and nostril asymmetry can be corrected with simple rhinoplasty procedure. Our surgeons

in Estetik International Medical Center can perform a simple rhinoplasty procedure in mild cases with Plastic Surgeon Cihantimur’s own simple rhinoplasty technique in which bone

tissue of nose is protected during surgery which gives patient a faster and more comfortable healing period.

In the simple rhinoplasty we don’t break the nasal bone or remove any cartilage tissue. We make some small touches to nasal tip and cartilage tissue as well as the nasal bone. After this operation you won’t have any bruises, edema or you will not be have to receive any intranasal buffers.


Why should I have Simple Rhinoplasty operation?

If you have a well-shaped nose in general but you are complaining about some small things like nasal tip, wide nostrils or a hump on your nose and you are not happy with this situation then you can be a good candidate for simple rhinoplasty operation. Simple rhinoplasty is very simple, fast and safe operation.


Preparation :

Rhinoplasty operation is performed under sedation anesthesia and it takes to perform the procedure nearly 15-30 minutes. You will get a physical examination by your surgeon and anesthetist. After the examination; we will prepare you for the surgery.


Recovery and Results :

If you underwent a simple rhinoplasty operation it means that your cartilage or bone structures are not excised. Since the manipulation is minimal; the edema will be minimal also. Nasal buffers will not be applied after these operations but only strip bandages. These strip bandages will be removed after 5th postoperative day. You can continue to do your daily work just after the procedure but we do not advise you heavy lifting or excessive exercise. The more you rest, the faster your recovery will be.


Advantages :

  • Easy to apply
  • Very fast recovery time
  • Less bruising and pain

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