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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

What is PRP?

Platelets are the main cells of recovery in any kind of injury. This means that they are the small repairmen of our body. Platelets, also known as thrombocytes, are produced in the bone marrow and then secreted to the blood. These cells are component of the blood mainly and they travel to the wound site in case of any injury. When they go to the injury site they stop the bleeding by adhering together and in long term they secrete growth factors in order to increase the speed of healing.


How does the PRP work?

When these cell are injected to the injured area they start to secrete these growth factors. These growth      factors promote the tissue to grow faster and better. It is especially effective for treating the soft tissue.

Growth factors are important because they promote the tissue to grow and rejuvenate. Due to these benefits of the platelets, they are widely used in regenerative therapy. One of the most widely used areas chronic tendon injuries, acute ligament and muscle injuries and of course hair treatments.


What will the PRP treatment result in?

Platelets are not “stem cells” as it is introduced to be sometimes. Therefore one should not expect to have new hair follicles in the bald areas. PRP just helps the existing hairs to grow better, fuller and thicker. It also stops the hair loss. This is especially important because patients who are seeking for hair transplant are generally have ongoing hair loss. Therefore stopping the hair loss is the most important step in hair loss treatment.

PRP will help you to have fuller and thicker hairs and stop hair loss. Therefore it is very important to understand the patient’s conditions and if the PRP treatment will have a positive result on the patient.


How many times should I receive PRP treatment?

PRP treatment cannot be finished in just one time and it generally takes 5-10 sessions with 1 week of intervals. You will start to see the effects after 3 weeks and the last result will be seen after completing the whole treatment.

It is applied for only one time when it is performed with hair transplantation.

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