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Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture


Liposclupture means slimming, filling and reshaping specific areas of the body by removing excess fat deposits or transferring to desired areas. There are several techniques of liposculpture. Recently invented Nutational Infrasonic Liposclupture (NIL) system developed for solving several problems related with prior techniques using surgical incisions to remove excess fat tissue resulting in prolonged operation time, need of general anesthesia, more tissue damage, bleeding, higher complication rate, prolonged healing period and scarring. It is especially affective in difficult and large areas like the abdomen, buttocks, back, upper arms thighs and knees and in such areas superior to Laser Lipolysis System which is designed to be applied in gentle parts of body. In NIL technique, a cannula having fluctuation, rotation, and vibration movements creating ultrasonic waves allows removing fat tissue gently and safely without harming any other tissues. The vibrations and ultrasound waves of the device releases stem cells adhered to fat cells. Released stem cells helps to healing process and results with natural and fresher look. NIL doesn’t require large incisions on skin but very small entering hole for the cannula as a result it is almost impossible to notice. Compared with surgical techniques, as there is no incisions during surgery, there is no fluctuations or bumps on skin after the procedure providing a smoother look. Additionally most recent simple and safe technique NIL is done under local anesthesia in most application areas so that patient can return normal activities the next day.


Why should I have Liposculpture operation?

If you have unwanted fat deposits and you are not happy with them; if you have mild or moderate level of skin sagging and want a better look; then you can be a good candidate for liposculpture operation. Since the liposculpture operation is designed to remove only the fat precisely; there is no risk for other tissues to get damaged. You can easily get rid of your fat deposits with liposculpture operation which is a fast and safe method.



The liposculpture operation is performed under general anesthesia and it takes to perform the procedure nearly 1.5-2 hours when it is performed by a team of plastic surgeons. It is really important to decrease the operation duration to give less anesthesia to the patient yielding a better postoperative period to the patient. You will be advised not to eat 6 hours before the surgery and that is all! You will get a physical examination by your surgeon and anesthetist. After the examination; we will prepare you for the surgery. You will receive a sedation in order to reduce the preoperative anxiety and fell yourself more comfortable.




Nutational Infrasonic Liposclupture is an effective method in terms of removing the excess fat tissue. In case of presence of excess skin tissue; this excess skin tissue can also be excised and removed. Therefore this method can be combined with lifting operations. If the skin laxity is not too excessive and it can be solved with a non-surgical procedure like Spider Web Method; this method also can be used.


Recovery and Results

After the liposculpture operation the recovery period depends on your physical status, age, general health and condition mainly. The operation itself does not take too long therefore you receive a mild anesthesia. Since the anesthesia that you receive is mild; you will not have problems associated with anesthetic agents after the operation. This is especially important and can be achieved with only a team of plastic surgeons like we have. After the operation you will have stiches and bandages on the inner parts of your extremities which will be removed after the 10th day. You can start to do your daily activities just after the operations but we do not advise you heavy lifting, running or activities that require excess physical activity. The more you rest, the faster your recovery will be.


Advantages ;

•   Scarless

•   Natural results

•   No fluctations or bumbs

•   Shorter healing period

•   Performed under local anesthesia

•   Reduced complications

•   Simple and safe

•   Shortened operation time

•   Less bleeding during the procedure


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